Is An Anger Management Class Right for You?

You're about to learn about a unique, one of a kind anger management class. Unlike many other programs you'll find, I've used the latest research findings in neuroscience to develop a cutting edge course that teaches you how to tap into the power of the emotional processing center of your brain to better control your emotions.

Each lesson in my program is presented in several different formats - book chapter, workbook exercises, over 10 hours of video and mp3 so you'll be able to find a plan that's right for the way you learn best.

Not everyone struggles with the same anger problems so in addition to my basic "Personal Growth" program you'll also have access to two bonus modules geared to anger management in your relationships or at work.

If you're tired of...

  • Regretting things you've said or done
  • Feeling Misunderstood
  • Losing or damaging relationships
  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed all the time
  • Losing the respect of your kids or seeing fear in their eyes when they look at you
  • Losing opportunities at work
  • Having people think of your personality as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

And you're ready to...

  • Control your emotions instead of them controlling you
  • Stop embarrassing yourself
  • Save your relationships/stop hurting the ones you love
  • Defuse your anger before it strikes
  • Express yourself in a way that will leave people respecting you instead of being afraid of you or looking at you like you're the problem
  • Regain the respect of your partner and your kids

This is a very important decision - you owe it to yourself to take the time to watch my introductory lesson, "The Neuropsychology of Anger Management" and decide what's right for you.

Experience the Dr Joe Difference

I was inspired to develop this program because, like you, I struggled with problem anger. I lost jobs, friends and relationships because of it. It was very frustrating because I usually thought I had a very valid point to make but it always got lost because of my emotions. Instead of people listening to what I had to say about a problem I became seen as the problem.


"Dr Joe, my life has been tremendously changed after taking......"

"I feel so much better all the time."

"Great, effective course. Please let me know if you ever need a testimonial"